Happy 5th Birthday!


It almost past me by without me noticing. But the other day, I just happened to be searching the archives on this site when I realized this month marks five years since I first penned this post here. And, hopefully I've been fairly true to that … [Continue reading]

Social Media Usage Among Business Professionals

The vast majority of social media usage data and analysis we’ve been reading over the past year has been focused on trying to guess what the next big platform will be.  More recently, a lot of the information has been based on age demographics (e.g. … [Continue reading]

Ten Customer Experience Prediction Posts from 2013


Yes, I know.  This is the time of year...or it was actually last month...for the flood of articles and posts predicting what will happen in the upcoming year.  In every field and endeavor, prognosticators are dusting off their crystal snowballs to … [Continue reading]

5 Reasons Why WestJet Trumps Mortons

Maybe you remember.  Or, more likely you don't.  Unless you happen to be waist-deep in the customer experience profession and follow the variety of hashtags on the topic on twitter.  Or, you might have come across the story on Flipboard or other such … [Continue reading]

Who’s Mining Your Enterprise Collaboration Data?


I'm not sure exactly what triggered my latest bout of insomnia two nights ago.  You can pretty much pick a card from the deck and find a reason.  So, at 3:15 am, I did what any sleep expert will tell you.  I picked up my iPad to catch up on my … [Continue reading]

This Customer Experience Auto Be Better


Ok, I couldn't resist the pithy title to this post.  So after you're done gagging, please read on.  Because I need some help on this one. The last time I wrote a post on the topic of the car buying experience, was four years ago.  Probably because … [Continue reading]

Affordable Care Needs To Be Accountable Care


Another installment in the examination of healthcare through the customer experience lens from Amber Thompson and John McCabe. Now that the Affordable Care Act (ACA) has become a reality to employers, consumers, and insurers, many are still … [Continue reading]

Patient Outcomes vs Experiences in Healthcare


I had been thinking about this topic for some time when just as I sat down to start writing, this article hit my news stream.  In summary, IDC Health Insights surveyed healthcare providers and payers and found a significant disparity in the focus on … [Continue reading]

Brushing Up On Customer Experience


Since the last post went up here exploring some of the opportunities healthcare providers have to think more about the customer experience, I've had my eyes wide open for some examples of healthcare practitioners that get it.  And, presto!  I found … [Continue reading]

Why Isn’t Healthcare Concerned With Convenience?

I'm thrilled to launch a new collaboration with two outstanding colleagues Amber Thompson and John McCabe.  Healthcare as an industry is in the midst of a massive upheaval.  Amber and John have graciously agreed to bring their unique perspective on … [Continue reading]