Your customers have been liberated. The genie is out of the bottle. Social media and social networking has given consumers the platform to voice their desires, wants, concerns, elation and anger. In response – and in an attempt to engage that elusive social customer – leading companies and brands are developing new CRM strategies to rapidly try to adopt new models in response to this paradigm.  Which elements of your existing CRM strategy do you keep?  Which do you scrap? How do your customers want to engage with you?  How do you know?  What is the true voice of your customer?

I’ve spend the better part of 25 years in the pursuit of answers to these questions across all aspects of the customer experience.  To this day, I’m constantly questioning and challenging customer experience models.  And, creating and applying new and innovative solutions to those questions.

I’m consumed with anything customer experience, loyalty, CRM, social business and technology.  His current day job is the chief strategist driving multi-channel customer engagement for Telerx Marketing. For most of those 25 years, I’ve consulted with Fortune 500 and mid-market companies alike on the implementation of customer experience strategies, operating models and leading-edge technologies driving revenue growth and profitability.   As an open networker, I welcome your connection.

Please connect with me on any of these platforms.  I’d welcome the opportunity to sojourn together through this amazing customer journey.

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