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Punching Your Customer’s Loyalty Ticket


Jay Baer on his show Jay Today went on a rant last week about ads promoting social media accounts for no apparent reason. And now thanks to Jay, I’m seeing examples of this waste of advertising space everywhere I go. It’s haunting me. I saw three just today. Thanks a lot Jay.

The point Jay was making is that too often brands are just slapping their social media accounts on their ads without giving us any reason to connect with them there. Jay’s assertion is that the brand needs to tell us why? Why should I connect with you there? Spot on.

But it goes further than that. That “why” better be based on what you know about me. Not why you (the brand) think I ought to connect with you. Tell me why the connection will be valuable for me. Not what you want me to realize as value.

After all, isn’t that the difference between social marketing and old school in the first place?

Bonus Features

They are in large part responsible for the continued viability of physical entertainment products; CDs, blu-ray movies and the like. And I love it all. In fact, I often find I end up going back to the bonus features more often than the main content. We’ve seen several musical artists, directors and studios use these extra nuggets to drive cool innovation in the medium. Or, to reenergize fading careers and revitalize aging material.

And while innovation and something new is always great, a lot of these bonus features are just cleverly packaged and presented content that was going to go to waste in post production. How many times have you roared with laughter at deleted scenes or outtakes at the end of a film?

The point is that I bet you have stuff laying around your shop that could be packaged up and given to your customers as a nice little extra. Bonus features, whatever constitutes your main business, don’t have to cost more or require additional development. They’re likely already lying around waiting for garbage day. With a little thought and creativity, you’ve likely already got something really unique that will get your customers talking.

So before you ship your next whatever, look around and see what else you can include in the box. That just might be the thing that keeps your customer coming back.