Brushing Up On Customer Experience

imgresSince the last post went up here exploring some of the opportunities healthcare providers have to think more about the customer experience, I’ve had my eyes wide open for some examples of healthcare practitioners that get it.  And, presto!  I found one!

I took my kids to the dentist last week.  This was the first time I had been available to take them on their semi-annual visit.  And there I found a customer experience wonderland.  This dentist, who’s practice is dedicated to kids, has created an environment where no detail has been overlooked.  And every little detail is designed towards a very targeted customer base.

It’s clear that this healthcare professional started with a deep understanding of who she intended to serve.  And, as any parent could attest, this shouldn’t have been a terribly hard process.  There are a few foundational things about kids we all know to be true.  One.  Not too many kids have life-size Fatheads of their dentists on their bedroom walls.  So, getting a young one to the dentist’s office, and then once there, having them not run out the door as soon as they sit down in the chair, requires some creativity. Two.  Nobody, young or old, likes to wait in a doctor’s waiting room.  Nor, do any of us like to sit in that chair any longer than we have to.  And, what ever can be done to distract us from what’s happening in that chair is a blessing.

This dentist understands she exists because of her patients.  She is here to serve her patients.  And her patients’ parents have choices.  I’m also guessing that she didn’t figure all this out, and design such an amazing office experience on her own.  This business clearly has the finger prints of a collaboration with other really smart folks.  But, the dentist, the HCP, had the vision and recognition that, in the end, healthcare delivery is about as personal and emotional a business as there is.

If a store that sells stuffed animals has been able to reinvent retail by taking the time and effort to design a warm emotional and personalized experience, while outperforming its rivals financially, don’t you think we should expect at least that from those with whom we trust our lives?


  1. Amber Thompson says:

    Like your observation Barry. If dentists can make their patients feel safe and comfortable, then surely it can be done across all healthcare providers. I’ve interacted with patients in truly horrific medical situations whose experiences have been made more bearable because of their healthcare providers’ attention to optimizing the personal experience.

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