Disney’s Data Deluge

mickeydataLast week, I threw out some ideas here on how Disney could leverage social and mobile technologies to enhance the guest experience.  And while, if you go back and read that post, there might be some specific reasons why they have a vested interest in keeping guests standing in some lines, the opportunities to leverage big data in the guest experience is just as compelling.  I’m just going to throw out three personal examples.  I’d really like to see what you all can think of too.

First, I would guess I’ve got to look like somewhat of a frequent guest or loyalist, whatever you want to call it.  I don’t have the exact count.  But between business and pleasure, my best guess is that I’ve stayed at Disney resort properties somewhere in the neighborhood of 25 times.  Of those 25 or so times,  I’ve only actually stayed at five different properties.  Yet, I’ve never had any engagement with Disney either through direct marketing or other interaction that would suggest that they know I’ve demonstrated an fairly predictable pattern of where I prefer to stay.

With respect to Disney Park attendance, I’m pretty predictable there as well.  Of the four major theme parks, my order of preference is Magic Kingdom, Hollywood Studios, Epcot then Animal Kingdom; with about 40% of my time spent at the Magic Kingdom.  And, in all the time I’ve been going to Orlando, I’ve never once attended one of the water parks.

Lastly (apparently I’m a creature of habit), when I dine at Walt Disney World, 60% of my sit-down meals have been at the same four restaurants over the past five trips there.

Combine all that information with my demographic information and there is definitely a profile there. Also, if you’ve ever been to Disney World, you know that everything you do is tracked through your hotel room key, if you’re staying on a Disney Resort property.  Every dollar spent.  Every park entered.  Every FastPass acquired.

I’m not a data scientist.  Not by any stretch.  But, like last week, I wonder what Disney is doing with this information.  And, how could they use it to make my visit even more magical?

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