If You Had To Pick Only One

As a follow up to my post from last week looking at the various inputs that contribute to the customer’s experience with your brand and company, I’d like your opinion.

Based on your business, your industry, your customers, if you had to pick one element of your business model that contributes most to your customer’s perceived experience, what would you choose?

Can you please share your thoughts by clicking here to take this quick, two question survey?

I’ll be back soon with the results.


  1. Look forward to the results Barry, but I have an observation

    We all know what the key issue is in our industry / business

    Yet we all feel the need to do a survey

    Rather than accepting what is blindingly obvious and doing something about it.


  2. Thanks for the feedback, James. And that was one of my objectives of this. I just posted the results. The survey was neither scientific nor statistically significant. The point was, sometimes we just need to stop, think about the real issue at hand, before we get caught up in the conversation fervor. This happens all too often now when we look at such questions in 140 character chats.

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