Tips for Creating a Thriving Customer Community

When it comes to social customer service, why do we first think of Facebook and Twitter? 

At the top of the list ought to be customer-driven communities.  Self service, customer-driven communities are all about creating a space where customers can engage with one another, find information and answers for themselves.

Customer communities are nothing new.  And while their value tends to be more pronounced in some industries like technology, the lessons from some ultra-successful communities can serve as models for how to launch, develop and grow a robust customer-driven community.

Several benchmarks that you may be familiar with are Autodesk, AAATurbo Tax, Dell and Logitech.  The business results from and level of customer engagement  within these communities is impressive.

The bottom line is that, in order for these communities to thrive, and to realize a measurable ROI from social media, the golden ticket, you need to do more than just flip the switch.  (Yes, social media is more than Facebook and Twitter)

Research firm Software Advice posted a video guide recently that explains what you should do to keep customers engaged. The tutorial features Zendesk VP JD Peterson; who describes how gamification, excellent usability, employee engagement, analytics and integration help your community grow.

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