Its All Fun & Games

Or at least it should be.

I’ve come to the realization that I’m bordering on the obsessed when it comes to the applications of gamification as a business strategy.

I read a very creative post last week by Lauren Carlson on the potential for gamification of help desk support.  The conversation in the comment honed in on the question – why limit it to help desk?  Other enterprise functions could benefit from leveraging the methods and psychology of gamification.  The benefits include greater engagement, productivity, innovation, employee and customer satisfaction and financial performance.

As long as the rewards and incentives are aligned with your strategy, the possibilities are endless to create engaging experiences all across your business ecosystem.

Thinking back to the dinosaur days of my early career, I realized these really aren’t new concepts.  Are they?  I started my career in sales.  Everything we did was a competition that leveraged a host of rewards and recognition, both personal and among groups and colleagues.  Understanding gamification goes beyond simple competition and recognition, but these really are the basic elements. 

So, like the moment when The Grinch felt his heart grow three sizes, I’m overcome!  Could it be!?!  Perhaps this is a sign of the return of competition.  A return to the days when not everyone made the team; not everyone got a trophy.

Game on!


  1. Those last lines. "A return of the days when not everyone gets a trophy." I've never thought of gamification like that. I've always liked gamification as an idea and I want it to be applied to every job. The reason I like it so much is because I'm a very competitive person who always liked winning tournaments.

    I've always believed you work the hardest when there's a set defined goal in front of you. And that's what my idea of gamification is like. You sell X number of products and you level up and get a pay raise or heck even a crappy tie the point is it's yours now and no one can take it away from you and you've earned it with your own two hands.

  2. You beat me to it or great minds think alike. I just put a reminder in my Evernote to write a post about gamification in customer service. As usual, customer service is behind every other function in looking to leverage new ideas or tech. Oh hmmm.

  3. When I read this I thought about this post from Stack Exchange founder Jeff Atwood.

    There are a host of benefits to applying game-like rewards and they apply in many situations. I spent a year doing product support for Microsoft and while the environment was competitive it also encouraged cooperation. ("Coopetition" as Daryl Waltrip would say.)

    Anytime you can build a system that rewards the individual for helping the group, the group wins.

  4. thanks mike. come back here and give me the link to this post when you publish it. Looking forward to reading.

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