What Do You Expect from a Customer Sat Survey

Ok, I admit it.  I have writers block.  Its a combination of things that have driven me to this lowest of low points.  But, like the batter in a slump, I’ll keep coming to the plate until I connect.

With that admission, I’m asking for an intervention.  I’m asking for your help.  Last year I responded to a whole bunch of customer satisfaction surveys.  As a matter of fact, I responded to everyone I received, regardless of the company, or method.  I wasn’t sure what my hypothesis was.  I simply wanted to see what the range of responses were.  And, from that, try to determine why companies invest so much effort in these satisfaction surveys.

So, here’s where you come it.  I’d like your input.  I put a one question survey here to ask what your primary expectation is when you respond to such surveys.  This is like a rorschach test.  Don’t over analyze.  Give me your first reaction.  I’ll be back here to report the results to you and see what we come up with.


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