My Customer Experience Christmas List

Dear Santa,

I’m not really sure if I’ve been naughty or nice this year.  I guess that’s for you to decide.  But, when I was on your lap at the mall on Saturday, you asked if I had made my list yet.  So, here it is.  I don’t expect much.  But whatever you can do.

  1. Bring my #custserv chat friends whatever they want.  And put it on the Underhill’s tab
  2. Please ask the Burgermeister to outlaw the use of the letters A – H – T together
  3. Issue a North Pole decree finally answering the question “Is customer service the new marketing?”
  4. A new book from Emily Yellin
  5. The real value of influencer analysis in customer service treatment and segmentation
  6. A face to face interview with @writethecompany
  7. A wee bit better engagement rate than 2.7% on the CSAT surveys I respond to next year
  8. “The Cloud for Dummies” (and then lock away all copies in a mountain vault in Utah)
  9. Free passes on the “delight and amaze” train making stops at Back-to-Basics, Do The Simple Things First & The Customer is Always…someone to whom you should listen
  10. Zappos Airlines (come on Tony. Do it!)

Thanks and Merry Christmas!
Your Biggest Fan


    1. Great post Barry!

      With the help of the #custserv tribe, this could become a manifesto. I’ll humbly add a few more for consideration:

      1. That Undercover Boss become a tactic used by C-Level execs that aren’t on camera – acknowledging that strategies for improvement involves seeing the job through employees’ eyes and the experience through customers’.
      2. The development of a deeply held, fundamental belief among CEOs that internal service (i.e. service to employees) drives exceptional customer service.
      3. If ‘belief’ is too much to ask for, I’ll settle for incontrovertible, irrefutable proof – delivered in a single page executive summary – that exceptional service is really what drives their bottom lines.
      4. That everyone who has said, “customer service is the new marketing” over the last 12 months acknowledge that it was also the old marketing, but most of us just didn’t know it.
      5. A new book from Leonard Berry. Absent that, I’ll re-read “Discovering the Soul of Service.”
      6. That in our own service encounters, we all recognize our service providers are human, good people doing an often difficult job, and treat them with the respect and common courtesy we would a family member.

      Thanks to you Barry, for sharing your voice to the development of the collective understanding on the nature of service. We’re richer for the gift of your perspective. Best for an outstanding 2011.

    2. Lols! you have a cool wish list. I am not sure if santa can do or give all of that to you. Anyway, Customer service is one of the most important aspects of any business. I believe that without customers to purchase the business's products and services, the company the company will flow down so fast.


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