The social conscience of social business

I’m sure this subject has been written on thousands of times.  And while my mind has been turning it over for quite some time as well, conversations with several folks over the past week brought this to a boil.

We talk about social business in terms of customer engagement, internal and external collaboration, listening more, shouting less; all those good things.  Then there are folks that are using social media to do really amazing things to improve humanity.  And then finally, there are organizations and companies that are mashing the two together to make doing good, make money. 

Is this the new business model? Pay it forward the new payback?

The Giving Pledge campaign is an awesome example of the incredible charity possible when wealthy folks decide to give all that wealth toward the betterment of us all.

I’m seeing more and more social business folks with the same mindset before they even earn their first dollar.

Think of the possibilities.

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