…and now for something completely different

There are so many smart folks thinking and blogging and tweeting and consulting and advising every day about customer service and the customer experience; each with a different angle and point of view.  Collectively, all these ideas and concepts, suggestions and action plans surely give anyone charged with this responsibility in their organization the ammo to move the ball forward toward whatever goals they’ve established.  I get so many good ideas myself from the many people I respect and sources I trust.  So, I’m thinking.  Is it too much information?

How does an average brain like mine digest all this great information, consolidate it and make the determination of what will actually move the ball in my business?  Then again, is that what I’m really after?  Moving the ball down the field?  Am I a singles hitter?  Or should I be swigging for the fence? Ok, so if I go for a home run, I know I’m going to strike out more often. So what.  (sports analogies exhausted for now)

So, how about something completely different?  You say you want a revolution?  Well, I’m thinking its high time.  What was the last revolution in the customer experience?  In customer service?  Is it social media?  It might enable a revolution.  But, by itself?  No.  Customer communities? Until superusers unionize and go on strike.  Self service? It’s been here a while and it still basically stinks in many cases.

You want a real revolution?  You truly want to turn your organization on its head?  Inject some radical thinking into the board room?  Make analysts and shareholders sit up and take notice?

Promote your head of customer service, whatever that title is today – Chief Customer Officer, SVP of Customer Service, Director of Customer Support.

Make him or her your next CEO.


  1. Revolution….I like it…You have my attention and I can mix it up VERY well :-)
    Now we need a logo for the revolution!

  2. Hey Ty,
    I'm not a branding guy, but I'm thinking corporate pirates. Thanks for having some fun with this.


  3. Hi Barry!

    Great post! I agree, customer service needs to be represented where it will get some traction.

    There are thousands of people working to improve customer experience every day but we need visibility in the board room.


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