Twitter Follow Friday #9: Defending the Tribe

So, I had my (most) weekly post ready to go on Friday; with recommendations for other folks with whom I’ve connected and think you should too.  A series of events at the end of last week however gave me pause and made me put that on hold in favor of this.

This whole social media thing is based on a couple of simple themes in my opinion: trust, collaboration and mutual respect (not my themes, but ones others like @ThisIsSethsBlog and @ChrisBrogan have demonstrated that I buy into).  25 years in business and I’ve longed for the day when these principles permeate more of our business culture.  Just like in any area however, there is bad behavior; shameless self-promotion, taking more than giving and thinking too short term and myopically.  Misguided, some of it well-intentioned but still, misguided.  Some of this bad behavior is a result of growing pains.  I get that.  We’re all still trying to figure this thing out.  @BrentLeary wrote a post about some of these learning curve missteps that we’ve probably all been guilty of at one time or another.

On the other hand though, there is behavior, whether on Twitter, other social sites, in business or in our personal lives, that just has no place and shouldn’t be tolerated; whatever the justification, valid or otherwise that drove one to such a point.  I had a front row seat to such a scenario last week.  And, while I’m not going to throw fuel on any fires, nor do I seek to turn anyone’s retribution on me, I want to use this forum to recognize a community of which I’m honored to be a part.

The #custserv hashtag community on Twitter has evolved as one of the most active.  And the weekly Tuesday night gatherings to discuss various topics related to customer service have been collaborative, sharing and open to anyone with an interest in the subject, regardless of expertise, resume or credentials.  Within this group, a core contingent of folks demonstrated this past week how to professionally defend your tribe against bad behavior.  And for that, you should follow them all:













Heck, follow the entire #custserv crew.  Even if customer service isn’t your  thing, if you share the same values as I’ve tried to describe here, these folks are definitely your thing.


  1. Eevery single one is a fantastic follow. See you on #CustServ tonight!

  2. I'm honoured to be grouped with such forward thinkers…those that "get it" when it comes to customer service.
    Great blog Barry.

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