Twitter Follow Friday #8

Eight is enough?  Not when you’ve got so many wonderful people with whom you’ve connected.  I want to keep sharing mine with you.  Hopefully, you’re inspired to follow them too:

@rshevlin – Ron tattooed me right between the eyes a few weeks back with this fantastic blog post about the cost of customer acquisition vs retention.  Then, I started to delve into his writings a bit more.  Provocative, honest, “somewhat snarky” and in your face.  Agree or disagree with this former Forrester analyst, who is now a principal at Aite Group, he will make you think differently about marketing; about lots of things.

@RLMadMan – Marjorie and I met for the first time last week on our weekly #custserv chat.  The topic was “Is Customer Service the New Marketing”.  And what I found out was that Marjorie is one of the most ‘enlightened’ marketers I’ve ever met.  Well, that’s an opinion from my myopic view of the world.  But, in all seriousness, it became clear that she gets the changing dynamics between marketing and customer service and the huge opportunities in a world without walls.  She is a big brain in marketing. 

Customers Rock! So do Ron and Marjorie!

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