Twitter Follow Friday #6

Number 6, and I’m no where near running out of great people to recommend.  This week’s theme (not that I’ve had a theme with any of these up to this point) is Geeks – These Folks Know Their Bit

@louisgray – I first saw Louis present at last years Blogworld in Vegas.  It was fun being in a room full of fellow techies surrounded by all the more journalistic types at the event.  In that talk, Louis laid out an elegant approach to managing one’s on line social channels that could be applied to various size businesses as well as individuals.  I was struck by how Louis had leveraged simple tools to make managing your on line social networks, work for you instead of consume you. This doesn’t even scratch the surface.  See what I mean

@andybeal – Andy is not exactly an unknown on twitter so you might already be aware.  An,d ok, he’s not exactly a super techie.  Andy started as an on line marketing guy.  And, now he’s taken that expertise and applied it to his latest project – leveraging tools to monitor and manage your online reputation.  Like Louis Gray, Andy’s expertise is valuable whether you’re a billion dollar brand or…  Be prepared to spend some time poking around his blog.

And now for something completely different.

@shitmydadsays – Well, if you follow this twitter persona, I need say no more. With 1.4 million followers, I’m sure you know what I’m talking about…..and a t.v. show from a twitter persona? Nice.

Have a great weekend everyone!

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