Twitter Follow Friday #5

So, it’s Friday again! Where did this crazy week go? I’m sitting here in Starbucks (paying for WiFi :( ) before I take off for a relaxing long weekend with the family.  Before you head off to kick off your Summer, follow these folks on Twitter!

@CRMStrategies – Brian Vellmure is one of the first folks I found and began following on Twitter, in any category.  I was drawn to Brian’s blog because of the balance in his writing between academic analysis of CRM issues and their real world application.  I then had the opportunity to meet Brian in person at Paul Greenberg’s Social CRM Summit in Washington this past Winter.  If you’re a client in need of a CRM/SCRM consultant, Brian is one of the most unassuming I’ve every met.  Never one who feels the need to demonstrate how smart he is.  Smart and personable? Like peas and carrots.

thinkBIG_blog – Ken Peters was introduced to me by Ted Coine, one of my Twitter inspirations.  Ken does think BIG.  He’s a heretic.  For that, he lands on my list of all time favorite thinkers.  Ken continues to bring a unique thinking to brand development and creative services.  His tweets are always informative.  But beyond being a valuable resource, he makes YOU think.  Check out this recent tweet “Are so many people satisfied with mediocrity that striving for excellence now seems arrogant? I dont care. I’m still striving”  And check out his website Nocturnal (for all you fellow insomniacs)

theMetz – Adam Metz: smart, creative, more energy than I’ve seen in a crazed English football stadium and just plain hillarious.  Adam runs a social media consulting firm The Social Concept is his site.  I also had the pleasure of meeting Adam at the Social CRM Summit.  He blew me away with is creativity and insight.  If your a brand looking to build consumer advocacy, Adam will take your brand under his wing and it will fly as a result!

I wish you all a safe and enjoyable weekend.  If you would, take just a brief moment this weekend to stop and reflect on the men and women who sacrifice every day for our freedom.  Happy Memorial Day.


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