Twitter Follow Friday #4

Wow, this new gig at work is…a lot of work.  But we’re doing good work.  As a result, two Fridays ago, I missed this post.  And for this past Friday, I’m doing the Monday morning quarterback version of my folks to follow on Twitter.  Late, but hopefully worth the wait.  Here we go:

@ericjacques – Eric is a customer service guy.  We used to have a saying in sales (yes I was a sales guy) about the credibility of people offering advice.  That advice usually carried more weight if the one giving the advice had “carried a bag”; meaning had actually done the job, owned a quota, been responsible for delivering financial results.  Eric is one of those people.  Just check out how Eric describes his day job (on your way to reading his incredibly insightful blog) “I basically spend my days fixing customer interactions that have gone wrong”.  Talk about being in the trenches.  Eric has real world practical knowledge and is a wonderful sharer and collaborator on Twitter.

@9InchMarketing –  Stan Phelps is on a mission to bring awareness to the little things.  He’s putting a customer experience spin on the old ‘stop and smell the roses’ approach to life.  He’s writing a book about marketing lagniappe (lan-yap) called In Search of Your Purple Goldfish via…The Purple Goldfish Project.  Marketing Lagniappe? Little extras in the customer experience that are unique, immediate and make a lasting impression.  Check out the running list and submit your entries @ his Purple Goldfish site  (The real reason I follow Stan?  He taught me an awesome new word :)

@COMPCOMM – Complaint Community is providing a valuable public service in the name of improving customer service and the customer experience.  For customers in the UK, Complaint Community provides a platform to bring together customers with issues and companies with whom they have the issue on a neutral field in hopes of resolving problems.  The community is impartial and independent, while adding an ‘arbitration’ component in the form of advisors that guide customers on the validity of their complains and bring companies to the table to hash it out.  They’re like the United Nations of customer service!  Check them out.

I wish you all a great week filled with prosperity.  Follow these folks and your week will overflow with it.


  1. Thanks Barry for the #FF shoutout. Glad to be in good company with Eric and the folks over at COMPCOMM.
    Look forward to staying connected.
    'The longest and hardest 9 inches in marketing is the distance between the brain and the heart'

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