Twitter Follow Friday #1

Since there are so many people that I gain value and learn from, I’m adopting this Follow Friday blog series from Tim Sanchez (@DeliverBliss), who in turn got the great idea from Chris Brogan.  I’ll try to keep it to a manageable list (won’t promise a number).

I Highly Recommend You Follow:

@DeliverBliss – Tim and I connected by chance, like most on Twitter.  And since then, I’ve been witness to someone who combines a unique insight into the customer experience with a direct communication style that is refreshing.  Just check out his blog.  As a business partner, Tim will challenge you and your ideas.  And, you’ll be smarter as a result.

@tedcoine – Ted is one of the most positive, inspirational business leaders I know.  His writing at his blog Five Star Customer Service demonstrates that good will and thinking of others first really do lead to business and personal success.  If you ever need a lift during the day, tweet Ted and he’ll get you going.

@Reaburn – Chris knows service design and the customer experience.  And, he has a keen comprehension that we all live in an experience economy.  Just check out this latest from his blog Service Encounters Onstage.  I have been humbled on several occasions from the intellect Chris has brought to comments on my blog.

@WriteTheCompany – If you want to laugh so hard you have an accident…all while gaining a rare look into the ways in which various customer service organizations respond to customer inquiries, follow him, on Twitter, on Facebook and on his blog!

More great people to follow next week!

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