Hard Bodies in Customer Service

I was ecstatic to see a recent post on the Radian6 blog about their relationship with Beachbody.com.  Why? In short, I’m a big fan of both companies. (note to FTC, FCC, CIA, FBI – neither company is sponsoring this post).  In my opinion, that post gives a good perspective on why Beachbody is one of the more successful direct marketing and sales companies.  The vision of the company’s CEO Carl Daikeler has led the company to fully embrace the spirit of social media, where other direct marketers may be struggling a bit to make the transition. 

That got me thinking about my experiences as a Beachbody customer.  Yes, I admit it.  I’m a Tony Horton disciple.  I took the plunge last March and ordered P90X from one of their ubiquitous t.v. infomercials.  I was skeptical.  But, ten months later and thirty pounds lighter, I AM in the best shape of my life. (Of course that’s all relative. And, no, I’m not showing you my before and after pictures). P90X absolutely lives up to its claims, contrary to many other goofy home fitness products.  Here are some of my favorites:

6 Second Abs
Ab Energizer
The Bean

To my point about customer service, Beachbody does somethings exceptionally well.  And, I also think there is one relic from their roots in direct marketing that may need to be retired along side those Charles Atlas comic book ads.  Let’s take a look.

The Good Stuff

  • Community: long before social media was all the buzz, Beachbody had a keen understanding of the role of community in long term weight loss and fitness success.  So, they have leveraged message boards, chat rooms and forums to build a strong on-line customer network.  The financial benefit?  More people stay engaged longer.  And as a result, at least in my case, continue to buy more products.
  • “No-hassle Returns”  really means no hassle.  I’ve returned two products, not because I was dissatisfied, just because each didn’t quite fit my needs.  Each time, the process went off without a hitch.  
  • The ancillary products such as fitness bands, pull up bars and the dietary supplements are all among the highest quality I’ve found anywhere.  This is not add-on crap at overinflated prices.

My One Complaint

  • While I understand Beachbody is a direct sales company, they really need to back off on the endless up sell/cross sell attempts during the on-line check out process.  Each time I’ve ordered something from the website, I have been blasted with no less than 5 up sell offers before I was allowed to proceed to the check out page.  This was such an annoyance that I dumped out of the ordering process three times during my first transaction.  The only reason I went back was because I kept hearing great stories about friends’ results from P90X.

So here’s the deal Beachbody (lets see how well they’re listening with Radian6).  I love your products.  I love your company.  Relax.  You had me at “Bring It!”

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