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This is the second time I’ve deviated from my mission here, which is to provide some insight on personal customer experience and professional lessons learned as I sojourn through this crazy life.  The first was a deeply personal reflection that I just had to put down in words.

After returning from my first Blog World Expo this fall which was filled with positive energy and opportunities everywhere, I read a post by Seth Godin that started me thinking and reflecting on another theme running through the expo – The Rule of High School. 

As a relative outsider to the blogging community, but as someone who has enough battle scars from business to, I think, garner a modest amount of credibility, my only suggestion (I don’t give advice) is to do something positive with your voice; whether it be for commercial gain,  making people’s lives better through charity work or simply providing someone an entertaining diversion away from the other crap going on in their lives.  Not that this idea is something new.  The most highly respected folks in this space like Chris Brogan, Laura Fitton and of course Seth Godin have been carrying this banner since day one and know way more about this stuff than I.  But, from my vantage point, maybe the message takes on a slightly different meaning?  You make the call.

Do good.  Don’t go back to High School.


  1. Well said :) It is tough for the human social (bad) habits to not appear, no matter what the exercise. Thank goodness there are many creative, giving people in the world to drive positive inspiration and activity. As you said we should all "do good" as much as we can and in as many places as we can. Now I need to practice what I just preached. Happy holidays!

  2. Thanks for stopping by and commenting Janet. We all need a reminder once in a while to stay focused on the big picture and goals. Happy Holidays!

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  4. I couldn't agree more with post! Consumers have the ability now to either make or break a company through social media outlets like twitter and blogging. It would be wise for more to use their voice in a positive and constructive fashion to shape how companies do business. Companies are listening so why not speak?

  5. Andrea,
    Thanks for the comments. And yes! As it relates to customer-company interactions, there are enough people out there using the social web to bash brands. I understand the pent-up frustration. But in the end. Its not very productive. If you have a chance, scan back a few weeks to a post I wrote called "The customer is [not] always right" that speaks to each side's responsibility to a sound relationship.

  6. an old post but its still powerful :)

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