Know thy customer: its the little things (literally)

Ok so some of you are going think this is a bit of a strange take on the concept, but you never know where an idea will strike; where you will find inspiration.  Where did I come up with this latest pearl?  In the men’s room at a McDonalds.

It’s an experience economy, right?  Products are commodities.  Certainly hamburgers are.  (ok you can argue that nobody makes french fries like Mickey D’s.  But whatever).  So, how then do you create an experience that transcends and makes someone like me stop and say “brilliant”?

Its the little things that steam from a real understanding of your customer and how they carry on through this life.  These things allow you to make a connection at a deep, emotional level.

I have two small kids.  My three year old boy is my hero and inspiration.  He also potty trained himself pretty early in his short life.  So, when I go into a public rest room with him, I usually find myself either holding him up like a football and aiming him into the toilet.  Or lifting him up by his arm pits at the urinal.  Why?  Because the ‘rim’ in both cases is always too high for his….you get the idea.

Someone at McDonald’s understands this dilemma.  They understand that a large portion of its customer base are young children, and parents of those children.  Beyond that simple demographic stat, they know how young families work.  And how a seemingly simple task is far from simple with young kids.

So, what did they do?   

They put the urinal lower on the wall so the young one’s can accomplish something on their own that’s really a big deal.  And, its not so low that the young at heart are…uh…sailing over the top.

Simple.  Brilliant!  Thanks McDonalds!

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