Is this really the most convenient bank in America

Ted Coine calls himself a customer service crash test dummy.  While this blog relays customer service experiences I and others have along our journey through life.  Ted actually goes out and tries to get himself bloodied intentionally; all for our entertainment and learning.  Thats why I’m draw to read his stuff.  He’s like a customer service super hero.

So, recently Ted has been talking about his experiences at TD Bank- “the most convenient bank in America”, a tag line they claimed as their own when they acquired Commerce Bank.  Funny, since TD stands for Toronto Dominion.  Anyway, in the latest installment Ted was looking to show how TD Bank is addressing one of the biggest issues in the banking industry today.  And, no its not Ken Lewis’ weekly take home pay.  Its hidden fees. 

Two lessons I took from Ted’s experience
1. If you have to drive across the state of Florida to get to your bank, can it really claim to be the “most convenient”?

2. Banks look more like Ticket Master than what JP Morgan intended; adding no value and charging fees for the prviledge of doing business with them

Lets face it folks, banks are a mess.  And their reputations are in an even worse place than reality.

Get back to the basics.  Take deposits, pay a fair return to depositors.  Loan money and charge a fair interest rate to borrowers.  Now that would be convenient.  Don’t you think?

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