My first Twitter customer service experience – well done @Linkedin

I had heard the rumors; read the stories about Comcast and Best Buy but hadn’t had the experience of being on the receiving end of a Twitter-initiated customer service exchange….until recently.
Background: I recently migrated to Firefox (yes, I realize I was a little slow on the uptake on moving from IE to Firefox.  But it was on my work laptop so I sort of had an excuse).  After the migration, one of my first activities was to check my LinkedIn account and connect with a few new business contacts.  I was getting errors in completing the process and realized that the technical FAQs on LinkedIn suck. So I threw a tweet out there to @LinkedIn.  And presto! It worked.
@LinkedIn responded within 30 minutes.  And very effectively moved the conversation off line and solved my problem.  Actually I solved the problem as it was a Firefox issue.  I tweeted my satisfaction and they @replied.  Point being they demonstrated an effective social CRM process of moving the on line interaction, off line to solve the problem.
Seems like basic basic.  But thats the point.  It seems like many companies I talk to are over analyzing, over complicating and over stressing about social CRM.  Heed the words of Nike.  Just do it.

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