Psychic pizza – wrong topping

In a recent post “Oriental Trading Delivered my Psychic Pizza”, I referenced a concept introduced by John A. Goodman (his firm TARP called Psychic Pizza. The concept is simple. The way to win and keep customers is to anticipate their needs. So, I got a delivery the other day. And, I was prepared to give my car dealer the benefit of the doubt that their attempt was noble. But it missed the mark.

The lease on my car is up next month. As with all lease terminations, the car needs to be inspected for wear and tear in order to determine the final amount due. Good so far. My dealer, anticipating that I needed to have this done, and with what seemed like a desire to proactively retain my business through exceptional service, sent me a notice indicating the need for this inspection. The only problem is that they pre-scheduled the appointment and told me when to show up….psychic pizza with moldy cheese.

I was on board right up until the part where the appointment was set for me. This assumption left me with the feeling this was going to be more of a high pressure pitch than a genuine, transparent attempt to retain my business. I had a vision of walking into the dealership and being greeted by a full court press designed especially for me.

Cynical? Probably a little. Hopefully I’ll be proven wrong when I reschedule the appointment for a time that’s convenient for me.

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