Is the car buying experience really this contentious?

So, I’ve spent more than one post here railing about car dealership experiences. But, I had to comment on an article I read on MSN “Worst Dealer Scams”, and more about the reader comments that followed.

The discussion board asked the question “Have you ever been scammed by a car dealer?” The posts on the consumer side were expected. Everybody has a story, either personal or from a friend, about paying too much, the finance manager, the closer, open ended contracts, add-ons, the list goes on. But what I didn’t expect to read was the tone of the posts from the people that sell or have sold cars. Almost to a person, and I read over 50 posts, the sentiment from car sales people is that customers are a pain in the ass, they want everything for free, customers suck and; a few went so far as to blame customers for the demise of the auto industry, because they’ve been so ‘unfair’ in negotiations as to make it unprofitable to be in the car business. That’s right! Customers are the root cause of the failure of the American auto industry! Not poor quality, unsustainable union contracts, inefficiency or designs nobody wants. Its the customers!

The visceral level of real hatred, in some cases, of customers was mind-numbing. And it wasn’t just a rogue post. It was a pretty consistent theme.

So, the next time you’re in the market for a car, you evil killers of American iconic industries, remember, car guys are “just trying to make an honest living”. Be gentle.

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