Regular coffee, please

Ok, so just today. It’s a beautiful, unseasonably warm day. My wife and I decide to load the kids in the car and head to the local zoo. En route, I need a coffee. So, I pull into the drive through line at the Dunkin Donuts on the way. As we were meeting a friend, my wife suggests I order a cup for our friend also. So, I speak into the box – “one medium coffee, milk and one sugar and one medium Dunkachino”. I pull up to the window. “$5.10” says my friend in the orange and yellow smock. I give him the exact change. He hands me two identical Styrofoam cups. Noticing that neither was labeled and not being a fan of the Dunkachino, I wanted to get them straight. Gesturing to present the two cups back to the fine fellow, I ask. “Do you know which is the regular coffee?” “Nope” Comes the reply. “You’ll have to open them”. Hey, thanks! Have a nice day!

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